Hi! 👋
I'm Diego Ioppolo.
Motion Designer, Vfx Artist
and Director from Italy.

I was born in Como in 1990.
I grew up around Lake Como and Italian Alps, I managed projects around the world, interacting every days with several international clients, but I still live close to these beautiful places, my birthplace.
At the age of eight, I convinced my parents to buy me my very first Analog Camera with which I began taking animal and landscape pictures. A few years later, I upgraded my equipment and discovered the Digital Photo Editing that combines two of my greatest passions: Photography and Informatics. This new discovery brought me to the composition of Graphical Images and meanwhile, using an old MiniDV Camera, I began facing the magnificent world of Moving Images.
During High School I was awarded with several prizes presenting some Video Works in local competition. My studies led me to approach 3D Computer Graphic and, for the final exam, I created my first Architectural 3D Visualization. After graduating with honours in 2009 I began studying Civil Engineering at Milan Polytechnic. A few months later, despite good grades, I decided to leave these studies for my greatest passion: Digital Film. 
So, I enrolled at SAE Institute in Milan to consolidate my knowledge about the world of Cinema and deepening Post Production and Visual Effects. I got my degree in early 2012 and started working for some agencies in Milan, meanwhile I started at SAE a 3D Animation course to expand my background.
Between 2014 and 2018 I traveled the world building cityinaweek.com my most satisfying personal project ever that I still keep updated.
Today I'm a Senior Vfx Artist and Motion Designer and in the last years I started to deliver some Art Direction works. I'm now working for clients and agencies around Italy, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Russia.
My passion for Photography is still alive...

Some clients I worked for...